上海添邦酒业发展有限公司成立于2010年,是一家专业进口葡萄酒的服务商。公司经营了来自世界多个葡萄酒生产国的优质佳酿,包括美国、智利、法国与西班牙等国家,为客户提供性价比卓越的多样化选择。 我们旨在为海外酒庄和国内酒类经销商之间搭建桥梁,通过有效降低渠道成本,实现葡萄酒供应链扁平化,让国内酒商和客户无需跨出国门就能挑选到最具性价比的优质进口葡萄酒。除了为客户提供高品质葡萄酒,添邦还致力于推广传播葡萄酒文化。通过定期举办专业品鉴会与葡萄酒知识交流会,我们竭诚为爱酒人士打造更专业、更精致的消费氛围!
Established in 2010, Shanghai KINGBOND INC. is a professional wine importer, distributing high-quality wines from all over the world including US, Chile, Spain, France, etc. We work as a bridge between foreign suppliers and domestic merchants, to lower the cost of international trade and simplify the supply chain. Our goal is to bring in premium wines to the consumers, as well as promote the profound wine culture. By organizing wine tastings and trainings regularly, we aim to build create a professional as well as enjoyable wine environment for our wine lovers from various backgrounds.



2010, Shanghai Kingbond INC. was founded and located on 10th floor of Xin Jian Mansion, No.488 Yao Hua Road, nearby Expo Graden and Entrance of LuPu Bridge, just 5 minutes from ChangQing station of Metro Line 7. From the earliest time, there is few merchants around, either for the enterprises in Xin Jian building, however a heroic sense of time raise from everyone’s heart when you look at the Expo GardenChina Pavilion and the LuPu Bridge that connects both sides of HuangPu River through the French Window.



2011, KingBond introduced Casa Sol Series to China Market and caught the attention from the first sight. At the meantime, KingBond achieve a solid cooperation with Famous Shanghai Joymax.

Customers can see Casa Sol Series in more than 100 Joymax retail stores half years later.



2012, KingBond moves forward steadily, continue to introduce new wines from different countries. Achieve 35% increase on sales under the circumstance that the market declined for 40%.



2013年添邦着力提升团队专业度,引进了WEST Wine & Sprite Education Trust)葡萄酒及烈酒教育基金会课程国际认证,服务了内部客户的同时更面向社会。


2013, KingBond keeps focus on improving the professionalism. Introduced WEST(Wine&Sprite Education Trust) wine training courses to service company customers and people who’s interested in wines.

Meanwhile, wines of KingBond owned brand such as TrancheEcheverriaCasa Sol were put on the retail shelf of hypermarkets like NGS, Shanghai First Provision Store Plc and so on. All these wines are warm welcomed by social customers.




2014,  KingBond build up Wechat platform to provide more comfortable consuming experience.

It is a remarkable fact that KingBond start to cooperate with “HuRun Report”, the first International Media platform that make the list for 100 richest Business Chinese People.




2015,  KingBond move forward with you.